If the UK leaves the EU without a deal in place there will be changes to the way that equines are moved from the UK to the EU.

Preparing for a no deal EU exit

Equine owners will need to take steps to prepare for a potential no deal and should consult a vet at least six weeks ahead of when they are intending to move their equine to the EU.

This is because if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the UK will become a third country. Depending on the type of third country the UK becomes, equines entering the EU from the UK will be required to undergo blood tests within 30 days or less of travel to prove the absence of certain diseases. 

There would also be changes to the documentation required for an equine to move to the EU from the UK.

If the UK is not granted listed status and becomes an unlisted third country, then no equines will be able to move from the UK to the EU.

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