2017 Single Application online help

This page shows information and guidance to help you complete your 2017 Geo-Spatial Aid Application / Single Application online.

The booklet below will help you complete your Single Application online

2017 Online Single Application and Maps (GSAA) "How to" video

If you would like to complete your application online but haven't yet registered to access DAERA online services you should visit the online services section of our website. Alternatively, you can contact your local DAERA Direct office by email at DAERA Direct Regional offices or
By telephone on 0300 200 7840.

You can access the online service on more than one visit and any information you have saved will be available when you log in again. We will shortly be adding videos show how to use various functions of the 2017 online Single Application.

Individual applicant

When you login to DAERA’s online services you should select ‘Single Application and Maps’ from the list of available services. You will also see details of your LPIS maps etc – this will replace previous MAPS button.

Agent applying on behalf of a business

When you login to DAERA’s online services you will see a list of your customers and should select a customer from your Single Application Form (SAF) service list. This list will be based on the Nomination of Authorised Person forms that you have previously submitted. If you need to add new customers to this list, you will need to complete a new authorisation for each business before you can access the Single Application or maps for that business.

Click ‘Go’ and then ‘Continue to Single Application and Maps (GSAA) to access the application for that business.

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