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Business dealing in Wood and Bark products including Wood Packaging Material and importers of used machinery can register under the new plant health regulations using the "Application for Registration as Professional Operator and application to become Registered Auth

Published 22 September 2023Forms

Presentation from DAERA's NIRMS and NIPHLS Stakeholder Webinar - September 2023

Published 22 September 2023Guidance literature

Veterinary Risk Assessment relating to Avian Influenza

Published 21 September 2023Guidance literature

This document illustrates the Department of Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs Group structure correct as of 1st October 2023.

Published 20 September 2023Guidance literature

Guidance on decommissioning of non-nuclear facilities for radioactive substances activities regulated under the Radioactive Substances Act 1993

Published 19 September 2023Guidance literature

The Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside (CNCC) was established in 1989 under the provisions of the Nature Conservation and Amenity Lands (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 1989.

Published 14 September 2023Agendas and minutes

Works to relocate the existing CSO from the CIA Playing Fields to within the NIW works relocating the outfall to the River Bann.

Published 13 September 2023Legislation and regulations

Marine Construction Licence for Public Realm Works in Warrenpoint

Published 13 September 2023Correspondence

A comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Programme is in place at the Mobuoy Site.

Published 12 September 2023Research and analysis

Construction of headwall to accommodate 450mm diameter outfall pipe required at Belfast Harbour, adjacent to West Bank Road.

Published 12 September 2023Legislation and regulations

Disposal of dredge material at sea

Published 12 September 2023Legislation and regulations

Sea disposal of dredging material from Portavogie Outer Harbour.

Published 12 September 2023Legislation and regulations

The proposed project involves remedial works to Red Bay Pier that are essential for its preservation. 

Published 12 September 2023Legislation and regulations

Construction of new road bridge at Narrow Water, Warrenpoint.

Published 12 September 2023Legislation and regulations

Northern Ireland to third country exports - stakeholder bulletins

Published 07 September 2023Circulars

Each year DAERA must send the European Commission an Annual Implementation Report (AIR) setting out our progress on delivering the Programme. The annual report sets out the progress for the previous calendar year and this progress report will cover the period from 1 

Published 05 September 2023Statistical reports

Future Farm Support and Development Frequently Asked Questions

Published 05 September 2023Guidance literature

NIEA Guidance on Single use Vape

Published 23 August 2023Guidance literature

Ecology Reports for Mobuoy Site

Published 22 August 2023Independent reports

Exporters Declaration

Published 18 August 2023Guidance literature


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