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The following table summarises the disease free status for terrestrial animals and aquatic animals recorded in Northern Ireland pursuant to Article 38 of Regulation (EU) 2016/429.

Published 01 July 2022Circulars

TE1 Actual Inheritance: This form should be used to apply for the transfer of BPS entitlements by Actual Inheritance (i.e.

Published 01 July 2022Guidance literature

The Statistical Review of Northern Ireland Agriculture is the primary source of statistics for the agricultural industry in Northern Ireland.

Published 30 June 2022Statistical reports

Under the Animal Health Law, use of an Approved Quarantine Establishment (AQE) is one option available to facilitate exports of Breeding and Production (B&P) cattle to certain EU Member States if they have certain disease freedoms or approved eradication programmes.

Published 30 June 2022Guidance literature

A lake fish survey was conducted on the Hillsborough lakes complex in September 2020 to assess the persistence of stocked glass eels and to assess the distribution and abundance of other fish species including Carp species.

Published 27 June 2022Statistical reports

Guidance for authorised Private Veterinary Practitioners

Published 27 June 2022Guidance literature

If your herd meets the requirements of Establishment Free from BVD this will reduce the testing and quarantine which may otherwise be needed before exporting animals to an EU Member State with an approved BVD eradication programme, or BVD Free Status.

Published 27 June 2022Forms

DAERA dashboard showing some of the environmental impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on a variety of metrics. These metrics are not the only aspects of the environment impacted by the lockdown. Nor are all key metrics included.

Published 24 June 2022Statistical reports

Minutes of meetings of the EDSG for 2022.

Published 23 June 2022Agendas and minutes

Under the Pollution Prevention & Control (Industrial Emissions) Regulations (NI) 2013, there are provisions which affect operators of mobile plant who wish to crush/grind the following, and

Published 23 June 2022Legislation and regulations

Environment Fund - Water Quality Improvement Strand 2022/23 - Eligibility and environmental priorities

Published 23 June 2022Guidance literature

Environment Fund - Water Quality Improvement 2022/23 – Application Form

Published 23 June 2022Guidance literature

Environment Fund - Water Quality Improvement 2022/23 – Environmental Statement Guidance Notes

Published 23 June 2022Guidance literature

Water Quality Improvement Strand - Indicative conditions of offer 2022/23

Published 23 June 2022Guidance literature

Environment Fund - Water Quality Improvement 2022/23 – Guidance notes

Published 23 June 2022Guidance literature

The Closure Report for the Northern Ireland Waste Management Strategy 2013, finds the vast majority of the actions and targets of the 2013 Strategy have been achieved or significant improvements have occurred over the lifetime of the Strategy.

Published 22 June 2022Guidance literature

Accessibility Compliant Section 75 Screening

Published 14 June 2022Guidance literature

This application form is required to be completed when applying for the Forest Expansion Scheme.

Published 14 June 2022Guidance literature

This annual statistical bulletin provides headline figures on greenhouse gas emissions for Northern Ireland both by source sector and end-user for the years 1990 to 2020.

Published 07 June 2022Statistical reports

The European Union ("EU") has carried out a review of its laws on F-gases, and is considering new provisions which may have an effect on NI stakeholders.

Published 06 June 2022Policy papers


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