The importance of dealing with dilapidated and dangerous buildings, and information about the work the Department is doing to assess current legislation.

Importance of addressing dilapidation

A dilapidated or unsightly building can ruin the general appearance of the area in which it is located. A business whose property adjoins such a building can suffer a loss of trade due to the deterioration of the amenity of the area. Property owners can also suffer due to decreasing property values. Dilapidated buildings also have consequences in terms of people’s perceptions of an area. Such areas can attract anti-social behaviour and can harm tourism potential and reduce civic pride. The maintenance of attractive and successful places in which people are happy to live, work and visit is therefore very important and should help to move Northern Ireland out of recession and towards economic prosperity.

Review process

The Department is assessing the current legislation used by District Councils to deal with dilapidated/dangerous buildings and neglected sites.

As part of this legislative review, in March 2016 the Department published a consultation document on policy options to assist district councils to more effectively tackle the problems associated with dilapidation.

The consultation closed on 30 June 2016 and elicited 24 substantive responses from stakeholders. A synopsis of these responses has been prepared.

The responses to the consultation will help to inform the development of final policy proposals which the Department intends to publish in due course.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the review please contact us in one of the following ways:


Karl Beattie
Regulatory and Natural Resources Policy Division
Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs
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Telephone: 028 9056 9496 

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