Nursery stock technical projects and information

This section contains the latest information and developments in the Nursery stock sector. This includes technical information, access to the technology projects being developed by CAFRE staff and access to the Nursery Trade Directory.

Technical Information

Summary of "Biological Controls from Vine Weevil" Webinar

Green Challenge for Horticulture Conference

The Green Challenge conference organised by The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) in partnership with the Horticultural Trade Association (HTA) recently took place at Greenmount Campus. Read about the issues raised and presentations delivered.

Northern Ireland Nursery Stock Growers guide to local plants for local gardens

Technology Projects

Accelerated production of high value ornamentals using root pruning

The project demonstrated how air root pruning at seedling stage or at the early stages of root development in cutting raised plant materials accelerates plant growth. This enables high value ornamental species to reach a marketable stage at half the traditional method of production whilst producing quality plants. See report for project on high value ornamentals.

Rain water harvesting

With increasing water charges, a technique of rain water harvesting from glasshouse roof is demonstrated. From a 2000 m2 glasshouse an estimated 1800 m3 of rain is anticipated under Northern Ireland conditions. This water is used for irrigation and valued at £1700 annually.

Nursery trade directory

Download the complete Amenity Horticulture Directory for Northern Ireland 11/12 using the following link. 

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