Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) treatment facilities

The following information explains the regulatory requirements that apply to businesses in the waste management industry that operate WEEE treatment facilities. It explains the requirements for treating and exporting WEEE. It also details the current list of Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities and Approved Exporters of WEEE.

WEEE treatment facilities

The (WEEE) Regulations also apply to businesses in the waste management industry that operate WEEE treatment facilities.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Waste Management Licensing) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006 came into force on 5 January 2007 and deal with the site licensing and WEEE treatment requirements of the WEEE Directive.

The regulations include three additional exemptions from waste management licensing. These cover:

  • storage of WEEE
  • repair/refurbishment of WEEE
  • lamp crushing prior to recovery

These exemptions need to be registered with the NIEA and are subject to certain restrictions.

A prospective operator must send our Waste Management Licensing team a Waste Management Licence or Exemption from Waste Management Licensing. An operator will also need to ensure that the site has appropriate planning permission.

Treating WEEE

In order to treat WEEE, they will need to put in place the necessary equipment and processes that allow the WEEE to be treated to the required standard and in a way that does not cause harm to the environment, workers or people living nearby. A site that is appropriately licensed to treat WEEE is known as an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) for WEEE.

An operator of a treatment facility that has the necessary ATF licence can apply to be approved. Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATFs) are able to issue evidence of WEEE treatment and recovery. This evidence is required by Producer Compliance Schemes to show that they have met their obligations under the WEEE Regulations. There will be a similar approval process for exporters of WEEE for treatment or recovery.

Exporting WEEE

Exporting any waste for disposal is prohibited. The export of WEEE for recovery is permitted but is controlled by the Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Regulations (2007). These controls depend on the classification of the waste and the destination country. Many waste types require formal notification before the waste is allowed to leave the UK.

Hazardous WEEE cannot be exported for recovery to countries outside the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Televisions and monitors with cathode ray tubes are examples of WEEE classified as hazardous waste. Some of the components and materials derived from treating hazardous WEEE will themselves be classified as hazardous waste. Most permitted exports to non-OECD countries are subject to notification under the Waste Shipments Regulations.

Application forms to be an Approved ATF or an Approved Exporter of WEEE are available below.

Quarterly returns

Quarterly returns are required to be submitted by both AATFs and AEs. Please use the link below to access templates that must be used when submitting your quarterly reports to us.

WEEE evidence must be issued through the settlement centre which can be accessed using the below link.

Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities and Approved Exporters of WEEE 2020

The public register is periodically updated to reflect any changes to the status of approved ATFs or approved exporters, but may not be up to date at any given time. Therefore, it remains the responsibility of all schemes to exercise due diligence in ensuring that the evidence they obtain is valid and that it has been issued by an ATF or exporter who is approved.

If you have any questions, you should contact:

An Authorised Treatment Facility or Approved Exporter that handles 400 tonnes or less is defined as "Small" and over 400 tonnes as "Large"

Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) Operators - 2020

Facility Address Reference Size Contact
Ireland Ltd
Unit 1,
Mallusk View,
Central Park,
Mallusk, Newtownabbey,
BT36 4FR
WEE/NI2020AA/ATF Small Mr Giles Ward
028 9084 400 
Recycling Ltd
Unit 1,
Advantage Way,
Ballygomartin Road,
T12 6ND
WEE/NI2020AL/ATF Large Mr Michael McKee
028 9071 5700                
Disposals Ltd
East Twin Road,
Belfast Harbour Estate,
Belfast BT3 9EN
WEE/NI/2020AB/ATF Small Dr Vincent Boyle
028 9045 7556
Enva Toomebridge Ltd 52 Creagh Road,
Co Antrim,
BT41 3SE
WEE/NI2020AW/ATF Large Mr Les Doherty
028 7965 9659
Enva Northern
Ireland Ltd
Unit 1,
11 Comber Road,
Co Down,
WEE/NI2020AD/ATF Small

Mr Barry Philips

028 9756 1574

P Kane Metals

9-43 Shiels Street,

BT12 7LQ

WEE/NI2020AQ/ATF Small Mr Harry Kane
028 9032 4191                           
Refresh Appliances Ltd Units C1/C5/C6/C7,
Strangford Park,
Ards Business
Jubilee Road,
BT23 4YH
WEE/NI2020AU/ATF Small Mr Ian Story
028 9182 1112
New 2 You
Reuse Centre/
Recycling Centre,
Unit 23,
Industrial Estate,
BT48 0LU
WEE/NI2020AT/ATF Small c/o Miss Nicola
McCool (Derry
City and
District Council)
028 7136 0453
Enterprises Ltd
Unit 6,
Industrial Estate,
Avondale Drive,
Co Antrim,
BT39 9EB
WEE/NI2020AV/ATF Small Mr Brian
07825 048494

Approved Exporters (AEs) 2020

Exporter Address Reference Size Contact
ENVA Toombridge Ltd 52 Creagh Road,
Co Antrim,
BT41 3SE
WEE/NI2020BJ/EXP Small Mr Les Doherty     
028 7965 9659
Clearway Disposals
East Twin Road,
Belfast Harbour Estate,
Belfast BT3 9EN
WEE/NI2020BB/EXP Small Dr Vincent Boyle
028 9045 7556                 
Volker Gruppe
Unit 37 Innotec Drive,
Co Down,
BT19 7PD
WEE/NI2020BI/EXP Small Mr Patrick Linning
028 9122 8542
Vanden Recycling Ltd Unit 5, Wallace Studios, Wallace Avenue
Lisburn BT27 4AE
WEE/NI2020BG/EXP Small Mr David Wilson
028 9266 8009                             
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