Consultation on Climate Change Reporting by Specified Public Bodies - Developing New Regulations

Consultation opened on 31 March 2023. Closing date 09 June 2023 at 23:59.


The Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) seeks your views to help inform the development of new regulations that will place climate change reporting duties on specified public bodies.

DAERA welcomes and encourages all public bodies, interested organisations, groups, and individuals to provide their views on this consultation. We are using Citizen Space for collating responses from stakeholders - please provide your responses to the survey online if you can. There are instructions for all response methods in the ‘How to Respond’ section below. We encourage you to respond as early as possible.


Consultation description

This consultation seeks your views on helping to inform the development of future regulations that will place climate change reporting duties on specified public bodies. These regulations are required to be made under section 42 of the Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 2022.

The consultation sets out and discusses relevant background information, legal context and requirements, and other potential important considerations in relation to what the future regulations should look like. Other related matters are also discussed such as what support is potentially needed by specified public bodies to help them meet their climate change reporting duties once the regulations are made.

Please note: This consultation does not set or represent confirmed or agreed policy of the Northern Ireland Executive, DAERA or any other department. Rather the consultation seeks your views to help inform policy development and decisions by a future DAERA Minister and Northern Ireland Executive.


How to Respond

The primary method for responses is online via Citizen Space.

The green button below, marked 'Respond online', will take you to the Citizen Space consultation survey.

If you are not able to provide your responses online, there are instructions for other response methods in the full consultation document and the abridged version.

Ways to respond

Email -
Write to -
Climate Change Public Body Reporting Team
Climate Change and Green Growth Policy Division
Klondyke Building
Cromac Avenue
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