Consultation on quiet area policy guidance

Consultation opened on 21 September 2015. Closing date 16 November 2015.


This consultation is in relation to guidance on the identification and designation of quiet areas in urban areas under the European Union Environmental Noise Directive (END).


Consultation description

The END requires Member States to ‘preserve environmental noise quality where it is good’ through the identification and protection of designated Quiet Areas within agglomerations (urban areas with a minimum population density).

The END does not contain a prescriptive definition of what constitutes a Quiet Area. It is for each Member State to develop its own approach to the identification and protection of such areas.

The Quiet Area Policy Guidance contains the Department of the Environment’s criteria and methodology for the identification and designation of Quiet Areas based on an extension of established good practice across the UK and Europe.

A Quiet Area web app is available using the below link:


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