Consultation on Revised Requirements for Radiological Protection: Regulation of Public Exposures and the Justification of Practices

Consultation opened on 06 October 2017. Closing date 15 November 2017.


The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs has published the above named consultation paper as part of a UK-wide consultation.


Consultation description

The 2013 Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive (2013/59/EURATOM) lays down safety standards for protecting against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation. We are seeking views on the proposals for implementing the requirements of the Directive in relation to planned and existing public exposure situations and the justification of practices involving ionising radiation.
The proposals will be of particular interest to a wide range of commercial and public sector organisations, including hospitals, universities, the nuclear industry and other industries that work with radioactive substances or which generate or manage radioactive waste. There are a number of supporting documents included with this consultation:

  • The Impact Assessment details the economic and environmental benefits associated with the government’s regulatory decisions. 
  • DAERA will also publish during the course of this consultation the proposed draft amendments to the Justification of Practices Involving Ionising Radiation Regulations 2004 for comment.

Policy proposals setting out changes to the Radioactive Contaminated Land (RCL) regime are presented in this consultation. DAERA will consult separately on updated RCL statutory guidance and amendments to the RCL legislation following consideration of the results of this consultation.

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