Northern Ireland Future Agricultural Policy Framework

Consultation opened on 01 August 2018. Closing date 10 October 2018.


The Department is engaging with the wider farming, food and environmental sectors on a possible future agricultural policy framework for Northern Ireland (NI).
The stakeholder engagement will run from 01 August 2018 to 10 October 2018.


Consultation description

Following any agreed transition period, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will no longer apply to NI once the UK leaves the European Union. Therefore the views of stakeholders are being sought on a ‘Future Agricultural Policy Framework’ document to help shape the debate on future support arrangements for NI.

Following initial engagement with a number of stakeholders representing farming, food and environmental interests, the Department is now seeking views from across a much broader range of stakeholders on possible future agricultural support arrangements.

Final decisions on a future agricultural policy will be for Ministers to take. Following this exercise it is likely, therefore, that there will be further consultations on any specific proposals which arise as a result of this exercise.


Responses to this consultation have now been published and can be accessed using the following link:

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