Proposals for an Environmental Better Regulation Bill

Consultation opened on 29 May 2013. Closing date 24 July 2013.


Proposals for legislative enabling powers in relation to integrated environmental permitting; and powers of entry and associated powers (inspection and investigation).


Consultation description

The Environmental Better Regulation White Paper published by the Department in 2011 outlined a range of proposals to reduce regulatory burdens.

The proposals outlined in this consultation is set within the context of the Department‟s programme for the transformation of environmental regulation in Northern Ireland. It relates to aspects of the Department‟s current policy and legislative work programme to be delivered by new Primary Legislation within the lifetime of the current Assembly.

It builds on the responses received to the Environmental Better Regulation White Paper (2011). The consultation focuses on proposals for new primary legislation as the first phase of an ambitious programme of regulatory reform. The measures proposed here provide enabling primary legislative powers for:


  • Integrated environmental permitting, and
  • rationalising powers of entry and associated powers

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