Consultation opened on 01 July 2021. Closing date 12 August 2021.


NIEA has recently reviewed the population statistics and conservation status of wild bird species currently listed on the wild bird ‘General’ Licences in Northern Ireland. As a result, we are proposing certain changes to our incoming general licences in September 2021.

Consultation description

All wild birds in Northern Ireland are protected under the terms of the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985, however in certain circumstances, some species can cause problems for landowners. As the statutory wildlife licensing authority in Northern Ireland, the NIEA can issue licenses to permit control of birds for defined reasons. Licenses can be issued on an individual basis, or alternatively, as ‘general’ licenses which permit authorized persons to control listed species for specific reasons without the need to apply for an individual license on each occasion.

This document outlines proposed changes to the ‘general’ bird licenses in Northern Ireland and provides stakeholders and interested parties the opportunity to forward their views and opinions on these changes

The proposed changes have resulted from a review of the population statistics and conservation status of the listed species along with a reassessment of their original listing purpose.

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