General Brexit questions & answers

Technical Notices on preparing for EU Exit from the GOV.UK website:

What is DAERA doing to prepare for Brexit?

As with the whole of Government and the rest of the public sector, DAERA is preparing responsibly for all scenarios as we exit the EU.

What is the UK Governments objective should a No Deal exit happen?

The objective is to minimise disruption by taking unilateral action to prioritise continuity and stability. Stability in a No Deal scenario partly depends on the EU taking a similar, non-disruptive approach to planning.

What impact would a No Deal exit have on Northern Ireland?

Overall, the cumulative impact from a No Deal scenario is expected to be more severe in Northern Ireland than in Great Britain, and to last for longer. This is because of Northern Ireland’s unique circumstances, including in particular its geographical position as the only part of the UK with a land border with the EU, and the current lack of an Executive in Northern Ireland.

Will a No Deal exit uphold the terms of the Belfast Agreement?

The UK government is clear that in a No Deal scenario we must respect our unique relationship with Ireland, with whom we share a land border and are co-signatories of the Belfast Agreement.

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