Information released by DAERA 2021

Date received Summary of information requested DAERA reference number
10/12/2021 Provide all details in relation to the Full Circle Generation (FCG) incinerator/gasification plant adjacent to Bombardier in the Belfast Harbour Estate DAERA/21-387
08/12/2021 All monitoring data for Imidacloprid (insecticide) in any environmental compartment DAERA/21-384
06/12/2021 Details of pollution incidents for last 12 months and relevant enforcement outcomes DAERA/21-378
01/12/2021 Request for information on the organisations hosting contracts with 3rd party providers DAERA/21-372
23/11/2021 Details of flights taken by DAERA staff & Minister since Stormont resumed in 2020 DAERA/21-367
08/11/2021 Apis melifera (Honey Bee) importation data for 2020 & 2021 DAERA/21-354
22/10/2021 For the last 4 years, the number of Salmon passed though the fish counter on River Clady, Portglenone and the number of licence checks by officials as well as catch and release details and costs DAERA/22-343
12/09/2021 Request of all information issued to BBC’s Spotlight program in relation to Dalradian Gold DAERA/21-329
30/09/2021 Waste Site Data Returns (for wastes received and removed from licensed waste sites) for the year 2019 DAERA/21-322
29/09/2021 All information held on site visits pertaining to allegations of pollution relating to Dalradian Gold Limited DAERA/21-319
22/09/2021 Amount the Department has spent on legal challenges to decisions by the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) since May 2016 DAERA/21-313
22/09/2021 Information about the notifications in Northern Ireland for this year (waste shipment import and export data as previous year request) DAERA/21-311
17/09/2021 Questions regarding the Management of the DAERA Estate DAERA/21-309
31/08/2021 FOI request regarding the pollution incident WR 9/16/0015; in Curraghinalt Burn, Camcosy Road, Gortin DAERA/21-291
25/08/2021 Request the most recent Elephant inspection report for Belfast Zoo DAERA/21-281
24/08/2021 Details about numbers of staff working from home and future plans DAERA/21-278
17/08/2021 Value of grants and loans made to a selected list of charities and third sector organisations for 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 DAERA/21-272
10/08/2021 Information regarding birds Redshank roosting sites and impact of increased footfall on these birds DAERA/21-265
02/08/2021 Supply a breakdown of legal costs spent for each calendar year for the Northern Ireland Environment Agency for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 for your organisation as a whole DAERA/21-260
05/07/2021 Provide data on the environmental performance of Northern Ireland Water in respect of Category 1-3 water pollution incidents over the past 5 years DAERA/21-228
28/06/2021 Information regarding the release of introduced species since 2018 DAERA/21-227
06/06/2021 Was the funding to the Garvaghy Centre Facility conditional upon general public to access / use the facilities and does the Department receive updates on how funding was used and how the general public benefits from the facilities DAERA/21-200
04/06/2021 Information on pollution incidents since 2012 detailing the source of the pollution DAERA/21-197
08/06/2021 Information in relation to the Environmental Farming Scheme DAERA/21-196
03/06/2021 Details of amount of Dangerous Animal Licences within Ards and North Down Council area DAERA/21-194
04/06/2021 Information regarding the contract between Balcas Timber Limited and Forest Service and further detail with reference to Old Castle Archdale DAERA/21-192
25/05/2021 Details of agricultural pollution in Northern Ireland rivers from 1st of January 2017 to the 30th of April 2021 DAERA/21-185
20/05/2021 List of names of all Zoos where the public can visit DAERA/21-177
12/05/2021 Information held on trees planted on former drill site in Woodburn forest DAERA/21-171
12/05/2021 Information relating to commercial operations of free range laying hen units (over 350 capacity) and whose eggs are marketed / sold to the general public over to last 10 years DAERA/21-169
31/03/2021 Details of all spending over £500 on the Department Procurement Card for the 2020 Calendar year DAERA/21-121
22/03/2021 Request for information on the future plans for the building formerly used as a café/tea room at Tollymore Forest Park DAERA/21-108
22/03/2021 Information regarding the numbers of successful and unsuccessful FBIS Tier 2 applications under the RDP 2014-2020 split by calendar year and the highest, lowest and average grant awarded in each year DAERA/21-100
08/03/2021 Provide a list of intensive farms (pig and poultry) in Northern Ireland with PPC permits DAERA/21-85
04/03/2021 Goods which are banned from GB into NI under EU regulations DAERA/21-77
25/02/2021 A list of every building or asset which DAERA owns which is over 100 years old. DAERA/21-64
03/02/2021 A copy of the introductory materials prepared for or provided to the new DAERA Minister, Gordon Lyons DAERA/21-34
24/01/2021 Who was awarded infrastructure contracts for Belfast, Larne and Warrenpoint ports preparation works and the cost to the public DAERA/21-24
15/01/2021 Minutes of Minister Poots' meeting when he was made aware of food chain supply issues DAERA/21-11
04/01/2021 Provide a list of the top ten areas of Northern Ireland (Towns & Cities) with the most reported fly tipping incidents in 2019 & 2020 DAERA/21-5
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