Information released by DAERA 2022

Date received Summary of information requested DAERA reference number
18/12/2022 Details of DAERA spending on the court challenge to Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots's instruction to halt Protocol-related checks DAERA/22-385
15/12/2022 Any information from Minister Edwin Poots regarding the policy to be implemented prior to leaving office appealing the decision in Judicial Review DAERA/22-383
16/12/2022 A list of all Ministerial/Executive decisions that the Department is unable to take in the absence of Ministers DAERA/22-382
08/12/2022 Number of active landfill sites in Northern Ireland, their remaining capacity and their waste inputs and outputs DAERA/22-379
14/11/2022 The number of applications for licences in 2022 to control problem birds and number of birds permitted to be culled DAERA/22-351
08/11/2022 All decisions awaiting Ministerial approval and details of decisions taken by civil servants in the absence of a Minister DAERA/22-341
07/11/2022 Copy of the report on the extent and nature of the needs for veterinary manpower and veterinary education within Northern Ireland DAERA/22-343
27/10/2022 Number of calves, under 60 days old, exported from NI to GB, ROI, Netherlands and Spain in 2021 DAERA/22-337
18/10/2022 For the previous five years, details of the number of vacant buildings the Department is responsible for, to include duration vacant, rates, security and utility costs DAERA/22-329
05/10/2022 Details of costs incurred for Agency Staff DAERA/22-319
24/08/2022 PR photography costs for the last 5 years DAERA/22-285
17/08/2022 Details of cross compliance breaches reported and / or detected for hedge cutting in the last 5 years DAERA/22-275
11/08/2022 Details of nutrient pollution in rivers within N Ireland DAERA/22-273
12/08/2022 Provide the numbers of various types of poultry live exported from NI to outside the UK for 2017-Present DAERA/22-272
27/07/2022 Details of the Department’s vehicle fleet make up including engine types and policies on plans to replace existing fleet with zero emissions vehicles DAERA/22-255
23/06/2022 A copy of the NI marine oil spill contingency plan DAERA/22-248
19/06/2022 The volume of fresh water rivers and lakes in NI by council area DAERA/22-212
09/06/2022 A list of Biogas Plants and their PPC permit references in NI. Also the location of the digestate storage during the closed spreading period and the capacity of each storage facility DAERA/22-200
30/05/2022 Details of landfill sites in Derry / Londonderry area since 1950 DAERA/22-189
28/04/2022 Details regarding processing times for seeking the Department’s opinion in relation to planning applications DAERA/22-152
28/04/2022 All water pollution enforcement actions by the Department for 2020, 2021 and 2022 DAERA/22-151
16/04/2022 For the past 10 years the amount of slurry,/ pollutions into a water course caused by agriculture/ farming related DAERA/22-130
31/03/2022 For the last 5 calendar years, number of incidents related to slurry / pollution, locations of same and details of fish kills as a result DAERA/22-116
31/03/2022 Throughout Northern Ireland, detail the number of  pollution  incidents involving  slurry and oil storage in the last five years DAERA/22-107
22/03/2022 Number of occasions in each of the last 5 years the Department provided Vessel Monitoring System Data to UK Border Force, UK Visas & Immigration DAERA/22-100
21/03/2022 AMR/Antibiotics environmental testing in Northern Ireland DAERA/22-78
01/03/2022 List of the applicants for the Rural Halls Refurbishment Scheme DAERA/22-66
11/03/2022 Municipal waste collected by NI councils for each of the last 10 years, how much of this material was exported to each country and what was its end use and estimates or other data on how much compostable material is now home composted DAERA/22-55
04/03/2022 Information on any pollution incidents that have been reported in the Impounded River Lagan between 1st October 2021 and 31st December 2021 DAERA/22-53
17/02/2022 Value of grants and loans made to each of the following charities and third sector organisations for the financial years ended 2018- 19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 DAERA/22-37
16/02/2022 List of composting and biogas plants in Northern Ireland and the total tonnage processed by each plant in 2020 DAERA/22-30
10/02/2022 End of Waste information related to the processing of residual (non-recyclable) waste from 2018 to date DAERA/22-23
04/02/2022 Total number of cases, total value and itemisation of Losses and Special payments for 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 DAERA/22-22
20/01/2022 Information on the movement of horses through Belfast & Larne Ports DAERA/22-5
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