Information released by DAERA 2023

The table below summarises the requests received by the Department during 2023 which are considered to be of wider public interest.

To read the Department's response to each request click on the DAERA reference number.

Date received Summary of information requested DAERA reference number


Estimate of the number of holdings in Northern Ireland which grow cereals and oilseeds.



Have other Zebra Mussels been detected in the River Bann and actions taken by the Department to contain the spread.



Details of Plastic Carrier Bag Levy Revenue and Allocation.



Details of water pollution incidents, fines and fish kills since 2012.



With regard to water quality, a breakdown of fines issued and their total monetary value for the last 5 years.



Between 01/01/2015 & 31/12/2017, correspondence between DAERA and Lough Neagh Partnership relating to the Holy River cleansing project & any reports held by DAERA.



A range of questions in relation to Blue Green Algae in Lough Neagh this year.



The number of vehicles owned by DAERA broken down by type and fuel used. Amount of central heating oil used by DAERA in the past 2 years.


29/08/2023 Copy of the Departments risk register or current assessment / risk / remedial recommendations for detailing algae blooms in inland waterways. DAERA/23-292
22/08/2023 A list of pollution incidents at NI’s lakes, rivers and seas between since 1 January 2021. DAERA/23-284
22/08/2023 Number of game angling licences sold for the 2023 season and queries over the water quality of Lough Neagh. DAERA/23-283
10/08/2023 Details of data breaches over the past 10 years. DAERA/23-273
08/08/2023 Details of hotels booked by DAERA officials between 4th February 2022 and 31st July 2023 including location, number of rooms, and reason for trip. DAERA/23-270
17/07/2023 For the 12-month period ending 30 June 2023, Statistics on NIEA Water Management Unit routine water sampling. DAERA/23-246
14/07/2023 Information on calves exported from N. Ireland in the last 5 years. DAERA/23-242
11/07/2023 Location and any known causes of all confirmed B/G Algae events since Jan 2018 and  records on impacts on water quality, domesticated animals or fish. DAERA/23-241
05/07/2023 Provide details of the Department's unused, vacant or derelict land and property. DAERA/23-234
22/06/2023 Details of licensed equestrian establishments operating in Northern Ireland for years 2020, 2021 and 2022. DAERA/23-213
22/06/2023 Details of branded merchandise costs over the last five years. DAERA/23-212
20/06/2023 Overall cost to the taxpayer in 2022 relating to NI farms that tested positive TB bovine. DAERA/23-208
13/06/2023 Details of and the Department’s use of the ministerial car during the absence of a functioning Executive. DAERA/23-198
19/05/2023 A list of licensed animal boarders along with their licence expiry date. DAERA/23-170
05/05/2023 Breakdown of monies paid to farmers under the Farm Business Improvement Scheme & the cost of administering the Scheme. DAERA/23-157
02/05/2023 A list of intensive pig, chicken, beef and dairy farms in Northern Ireland. DAERA/23-149
27/04/2023 The number of bird culls carried out across NI due to confirmed or suspected cases of avian influenza. DAERA/23-146
25/04/2023 A variety of questions regarding our use of cloud services and infrastructure including annual budget for last five years for IT managed services and cloud % of that budget. DAERA/23-143
24/04/2023 Provide all details in relation to the number of agricultural river pollution incidents, broken down by the relevant river catchment area for the last 5 calendar years. DAERA/23-141
05/04/2023 Complete dataset for recycled plastic packaging exported from NI since 2017. DAERA/23-129
29/03/2023 Statistics for domestic discharge consents from 2017 to 2021. DAERA/23-119
24/03/2023 Details of imported and exported waste for Northern Ireland for 2022/23. DAERA/23-113
18/03/2023 Seeking a range of details regarding large clothing bins sited in the Belfast area. DAERA/23-111
16/03/2023 Information and stats on EFS hedgerows. DAERA/23-106
24/01/2023 Details of any water quality monitoring data that has been collected in relation to the Garrison Wastewater treatment works consented discharge. DAERA/23-104
01/03/2023 For financial years 2020 – 2022, data relevant to a list of European Waste Catalogue codes for waste streams at facilities in N Ireland. DAERA/23-70
20/02/2023 For the last 5 years in the Co Fermanagh, bTB levels, number of cattle slaughtered due to bTB and amount of compensation paid to farmers. DAERA/23-57
20/02/2023 In last 3 years and for 2011 / 12, number of dead badgers collected at the roadside, number of those tested for TB and number those that tested positive. DAERA/23-56
25/01/2023 The amount of grant paid to the Pig Industry for the last 3 financial years detailing compliance with planning & statutory regulations. Number of pigs lost in outbreaks of fire in the last 3 years. DAERA/23-42
31/01/2023 Cost details regarding reports commissioned in response to a tribunal case, cost of new NICS raising concern policy & cost of refreshed Civil Service Code of Ethics. DAERA/23-41
31/01/2023 Stats on the number of checks at Border Control Posts (BCP) relating to animals and animal products, including non-compliant findings and enforcement actions, from 2015 to Jan 2023 broken down for each BCP. DAERA/23-35
23/01/2023 Details regarding money spent and resources used to date by Dept on this Mobuoy clean up. DAERA/23-34
31/01/2023 Number of wild bird species linked with every lethal control licence in NI during 2022. DAERA/23-33
26/01/2023 Material returned from search of e-mail accounts and other forms of electronic communication of Katrina Godfrey, Robert Huey, Julian Henderson and Joanne McAuley for any of the terms ‘PwC’, ‘Bronckaers’, ‘Oscar’ or ‘DAERA’. DAERA/23-27
25/01/2023 A range of questions relating to Forest Services ownership of Castlewellan Castle. DAERA/23-25
20/01/2023 Number of water pollution reports, attendances and water quality tests 2022 to date. DAERA/23-21
25/01/2023 Provide number of fishing boats registered, fishermen, deckhands employed, the weight and value of fish landed for the last 5 calendar years in Northern Ireland. DAERA 23-15
10/01/2023 Details of funding awarded to Lough Neagh Partnership by DAERA or NIEA. DAERA/23-14
09/01/2023 Request for decisions not taken because of the absence of a minister and / or fully functioning Executive at your Department. DAERA/23-9
03/01/2023 Details of occupancy rates of NI government offices in the months September- December 2022. DAERA/23-1
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