Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an established policy approach adopted by many countries around the world, across a broad range of products and materials. It gives producers an incentive to make better, more sustainable decisions at the product design stage including decisions that make it easier for products to be re-used or recycled at their end of life. It also places the financial cost of managing products once they reach end of life on producers.

Recycle / Don't Recycle EPR Webinars

DAERA officials have recorded a series of webinars focusing on packaging waste, deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers, batteries, waste electrical goods, chewing gum and coffee pods. These webinars set out the latest thinking for these waste streams, provide updates on existing schemes, and are particularly relevant for retailers, manufacturers and distributors as well as waste management and recycling companies and councils.

If you wish to sign up to join our series of webinars, please register your interest by e-mailing EPRTeam@daera-ni.gov.uk, with your name, organisation and contact details.

If you wish to view previous recordings in this series, go to Extended Producer Responsibility Webinars.

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