Adding value to food waste streams at Loughry Campus

Date published: 15 March 2023

In the past, valuable by-products or food waste streams generated during processing, were either disposed of or downgraded to Category 3 food waste.

What if you were able to turn your Category 3 food waste into sellable pet food products at your own facility? With co-location of food and pet food production, and pet food plant approval, now you can!

With the global drive towards sustainability and green manufacturing practices, the food industry now recognises that significant amounts of food waste with valorisation potential can be turned into high value-added solutions for the pet food market.

Waste valorisation refers to the process of reusing and recycling waste materials into useful products. The process entails adding value to material, previously considered undesirable, to create new business and innovation opportunities.

Upcycling of manufacturing by-products to generate value-added pet food products and innovations is an interesting area showing high growth and ties in perfectly with the sustainable targets set within many food businesses.

Gerry McElvogue from DAERA Veterinary Services worked closely with Hayley O’Neill (Food Technologist) and Judith Gourley (Food Technology Centre Manager) to assist in the approval of Loughry Campus as a Pet Food Plant.

Loughry Campus can now provide support to food processing companies in this area and can also now offer support to the animal by-products sector of the agri-food industry.

If you have any queries relating to adding value to waste streams, gaining co-location status or pet food plant approvals, please contact Hayley O’Neill.

Email: Hayley.O’, Phone: 028 8676 8128

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