Prepare your food business for PPDS Allergen Labelling Changes

Date published: 02 August 2021


College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) is working in partnership with the Food Standards Agency to host an online allergen labelling event for food businesses in Northern Ireland on Thursday 12 August at 10:00am.

CAFRE is hosting an online event aimed at NI Food businesses to discuss the changes to allergen labelling for pre packed for direct sale products.

The event is taking place to highlight the changes to allergen labelling for food products from October 2021. The products impacted are those classed as pre packed for direct sale (PPDS) and the changes to labelling are a direct result of Natasha’s Law.

Pre-packed for Direct Sale (PPDS) means products that are produced and sold on the same premises but are packaged before being selected by the customer. For example, this would include sausages being packed and put in a display in a butcher shop. The event may be of interest to deli counters, butchers, bakeries, mobile sellers, caterers, fast food takeaways and restaurants.

The event being held on 12 August aims to help NI food businesses understand the changes to the legislation to ensure that they are compliant before the legislation takes effect on 01 October 2021. The event speakers include representatives from the Food Standards Agency, Natasha Allergy Research Foundation, a local business and CAFRE followed by a live Q&A session.

FSA’s PPDS hub features labelling guidance for PPDS foods and sector guides. The guides for bakery, butchers, fast food and takeaways, mobile sellers, restaurants, cafes and pubs, and schools each give practical information on PPDS and how these changes could impact a food business.

Registration for the event is required and further information is available on the CAFRE website.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Notes to editors: 

  1. Examples of PPDS food:
  • Sandwiches and bakery products which are packed on site before a consumer selects or orders them
  • Fast food packed before it is ordered, such as a burger under a hot lamp where the food cannot be altered without opening the packaging
  • Products which are prepackaged on site ready for sale, such as pizzas, rotisserie chicken, salads and pasta pots
  • Burgers and sausages prepackaged by a butcher on the premises ready for sale to consumers
  • Samples of cookies given to consumers for free which were packed on site
  • Foods packaged and then sold elsewhere by the same operator at a market stall or mobile site
  • PPDS food provided in schools, care homes or hospitals and other similar settings will also require labelling
  1. Further information is available on the Food Standards Agency website.
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