Submit organic manure export records before the 31 January deadline: McIlveen

Date published: 25 January 2017

Agriculture Minister Michelle McIlveen today issued a reminder to all those farmers who exported organic manure from their farm during 2016 to return their records to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) by 31 January 2017.

Miss McIlveen said: ‘‘It is a requirement of the Nitrates Action Programme for farmers who export organic manure from their farm to submit records to NIEA annually by the 31 January for exports made during the previous calendar year. This means that a record of all organic manure exported from the farm between the 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2016 must be submitted to NIEA by midnight on 31 January 2017 at the very latest.  The only exception is farmers who are operating under an approved derogation who can submit their manure export records up to 1 March.  They also have to submit their annual fertilisation account by this date.’’

Explaining the benefits to be had from redistribution of nutrients between farms, Miss McIlveen said: ‘‘Most Northern Ireland farms are operating below the livestock manure loading limit of 170 kg/N/ha.  However, for some, particularly the more intensive dairy, beef, pig and poultry farms, it is necessary to export surplus manures to other farms which are deficient in nutrients.’’ 

She added: ‘‘This helps to prevent the build up of excess nutrient levels in soils and assists exporting farms to comply with the Nitrates Action Programme. It also delivers a saving to the importing farm by reducing their requirement for purchased chemical fertiliser. Therefore, it is a win-win situation which makes good economic and environmental sense.’’

Stressing the importance of getting export records in on time, Miss McIlveen said: ‘‘Failing to submit your export records on time will result in the exported manure being included in the livestock manure loading calculation for your farm at a future inspection.  This could result in a breach of the 170kg/N/ha and a penalty on your Basic Farm Payment.  Therefore, it is important that all farmers who have exported manure submit their export records to NIEA before the deadline.’’

The export form must be signed by the exporting farmer and must contain:

  • quantity and type of manure exported during 2016 (calendar year)
  • date on which consignment was exported
  • name and DAERA business reference number of the farmer who received the manure.  In the absence of a business reference number the signature of the receiving farmer is required
  • name and address of the transporter if involved

All of these details are contained within the Nitrates Action Programme 2015 – 2018 Guidance Booklet.

A blank organic export form can also be down loaded from this site.

Completed records must be returned to:

DAERA, Northern Ireland Environment Agency,
Water Management Unit,
17 Antrim Road,
Co Antrim
BT28 3AL

Notes to editors: 

  1. There is a requirement within the Nitrates Action Programme (NAP) to limit the amount of total nitrogen (N) from livestock manures that may be applied to land.  The quantity must not exceed 170 kg N per ha per year and is referred to as the ‘‘livestock manure nitrogen loading limit’’.  This is to help prevent the application of excessive nutrients to land which can cause water pollution.
  2. Changes to the NAP in 2015 mean that those exporting organic manure from their farm must submit their records to NIEA annually by the 31 January for the previous calendar year.  While both importer and exporter must keep these records, only the exporter is required to submit their records to NIEA. 
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