Animal transport certificate for importing or exporting animals

Date published: 16 August 2010

Last updated: 08 June 2022

The transportation of animals in connection with an economic activity must be accompanied by documentation providing details of:  the animal’s origin and their ownership; their place of departure; date and time of departure; their intended place of destination and the expected duration of the intended journey.

The Animal Transport Certificate template, (ATC), below may be used to record the information required. The ATC, or equivalent documentation containing all the required information, must be completed before the journey commences and must accompany the consignment from origin to final destination.  

Please be aware that each consignment with different origin/destination/owner requires a separate ATC.  Completed ATC must be made available to DAERA Inspectors upon request.  The transporter must retain the completed form for 6 months after completion of the journey. 

Further information available on the Animal Transport Certificate template.

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