Buying and caring for a puppy - a guide

Date published: 04 December 2018

Deciding whether to get a puppy or dog is a big decision. It is advisable, before purchasing a puppy, to give it proper thought and to carry out some research. 

Anyone who decides to get a dog becomes responsible for that animal and will need to know about the legal requirements of owning a dog.


The contents are laid out as follows:

Part 1 (Decisions to make) of this reference document (pages 4 to 8) sets out information on:

  • the importance of research, before deciding to buy a puppy/dog
  • finding the right dog breed
  • deciding where to get your new puppy/dog
  • finding a healthy, happy dog
  • collecting your new dog and bringing it home
  • helping your new dog settle-in to its new home
  • understanding dog behaviour

Part 2 (Responsibilities of dog owners) of this reference document (pages 9 to 11) sets out responsibilities that dog owners have, regarding:

  • licensing the dog
  • keeping the dog under proper control
  • meeting the welfare needs of the dog
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