EMFF Transparency Initiatives

Date published: 31 August 2018

Last updated: 26 February 2024

The European Commission requires that information about each project which has been funded under the EMFF is published; this is called the transparency initiative.


By accepting an offer of EMFF funds high level details of your project and the funds offered will be included on this list. Every six months, this website will be updated with a list of all projects which have been offered funding. The following information will be published about each project:

  • name of the recipient of the funds
  • community fleet register identification number (if the project is linked to a fishing vessel)
  • name of the project
  • brief summary describing the project
  • start and expected completion date for the project
  • total of eligible costs and how this is funded (for example from EMFF funds)
  • total size of the funds awarded and how the funding is made up
  • post code and country that the project is based in
  • union priority the project is related to

The  list of beneficiaries are available on the link below.

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