Marine Construction licence ML2023017 - LSS Jetty Lough Foyle

Date published: 14 November 2023

This application is for the provision of a Marine Construction Licence to carry out essential maintenance / repair works on the LSS Jetty, located on the shore of Lough Foyle.


Proposal Description

Reference: ML2023017
Project Type: Construction
Location: LSS Jetty, Lough Foyle

A: 55O 02’.78N            -07O 14’.96E                (Dolphin No.1)

 B: 55O 02’.50N            -07O 14’.82E                (LSS Jetty Head)

 C: 55O 02’.88N            -07O 14’.71E                (Dolphin No.6)

 D: 55O 02’.75N            -07O 14’.68E                (Jetty Approach Rd Entrance)

Project Description: 

The maintenance / repair works below the MHWS include the following:


  • Repair of steel piles by welding new steel plate(s) to the piles
  • Repair of steel piles by concrete encasement
  • Installation of Cathodic Protection System e.g. installation of sacrificial anodes
  • Installation of Protective Wrap System on a select number of piles

Applicant: LSS Oil Terminal 
Status: Under Consideration
Date Licence Issued: N/A                                                                           


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