Marine Licence ML 17_19 Northern Ireland Waters Rock installation repairs

Date published: 07 April 2020

Last updated: 22 November 2022

Rock placement installation for the purposes of cable protection is planned on a section of the route where a repair omega joint on one of the two cables has been carried out in May 2019 around KP 148 in Northern Ireland Waters. Water depth is approximately 160m. Length of berms total 550m, using 3500 Tons of rock.


Proposal Description

Reference: ML 17_19
Project Type: Construction
Location: Northern Irealnd waters
Start:- Latitude: 540 36’ 14.9”N, Longitude: 0050 14’ 50.9W
End:- Latitude: 540 35’55.2”N, Longitude: 0050 14’ 53.4”W
Project Description: Rock installation repairs to Western HVDC Link Sub Sea Cable
Applicant: National Grid
Status: Expired
Date Issued: 23/09/2019
Licence Start Date: 20/09/2019
Licence End Date: 18/09/2020

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