Marine Licence ML 5_19 Warrenpoint Harbour CO2

Date published: 07 April 2020

Last updated: 30 November 2022

The transfer of CO2 gasses from a ship to holding tanks. The project involves the installation of 1No 4” and 1NO 6” SCH10s stainless steel pipelines along the existing Warrenpoint Harbour Authority footbridges, mooring points and dolphins  (approximately 170m in length).

The 6” line will transport liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) between the Nippon Gases vessel and the storage / import terminal being constructed approximately 1km away, within the WHA land.  The 4” line will carry gaseous CO2 (return gas) back to the vessel while the ship unloads.


Proposal Description

Reference: ML 5_19
Project Type: Construction
Location: Warrenpoint Harbour
Coordinates: Landside 54 6 8.64”N 6 15 56.83”W
Jetty loading point (End of pipework)
54 6 5.53”N 6 15 50.12”W
Project Description: Construction of a Ship to Shore Transfer Facility Transfer Facility for a CO2 Storage at Warrenpoint Port
Applicant: Nippon Gases UK Ltd
Status: Expired
Date Issued: 31/12/2019
Licence Start Date: 31/01/2020
Licence End Date: 30/01/2021

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