Marine Licence ML 9_19 Glen River Car Park, Newcastle

Date published: 10 April 2020

The work consists of the construction of replacement steps, approx. 100m south of the Glen River on the Central Promenade, Newcastle, Co. Down. The repairs are required since erosion has undermined the steps. The voids underneath the steps will be in filled with concrete gout. Rock armour will be placed around the steps and adjacent eroded area.


Proposal Description

Date Submitted: 26/04/2019
Consultation Opened: 24/05/2019

Reference: ML 9_19

Project Type: Construction

Location: Glen River Car park, Newcastle, Co Down

Coordinates: 37534 30477

Project Description: Construction repairs to steps on central promenade, Newcastle

Applicant: Newry Mourne and Down District Council 

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