Marine Licence ML2020012 LSS Jetty, Maydown, Lisahally

Date published: 29 November 2022

Last updated: 01 December 2022

Essential maintenance / repair works to be carried out on the LSS Jetty, located on the shore of Lough Foyle.

The jetty is approx. 7.5km north east of Derry City and 1.25km north east of Foyle Port.


Proposal Description

Reference: ML2020012
Project Type:  Construction
Location: LSS Jetty, Maydown, Lisahally
The proposed works will carried out within the following co-ordinates taken from Admiralty Chart 2510, refer to drawing PD6639404 in Appendix A:

  1. 55O 02’.78N -07O 14’.96E (Dolphin No.1)
  2. 55O 02’.50N -07O 14’.82E (LSS Jetty Head)
  3. 55O 02’.88N -07O 14’.71E (Dolphin No.6)
  4. 55O 02’.75N -07O 14’.68E (Jetty Approach Rd Entrance)

Project Description:

  • Repair of steel piles by welding new steel plate(s) to the piles
  • Repair of steel piles by concrete encasement
  • Installation of Cathodic Protection System e.g. installation of sacrificial anodes
  • Installation of Protective Wrap System on a select number of piles

The maintenance / repair works are critical to secure the continued safe operation of the LSS Jetty. The jetty was constructed in the 1950s and is currently owned by LSS Oil Terminal. The jetty is used by LSS to import oil products and by DuPont to import bulk chemical products.
Applicant: LSS Oil Terminal
Status: Active
Date Issued: 07/01/2022
Licence Start Date: 16/01/2022
Licence End Date: 15/01/2023

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