Marine Licence ML2021011 Ballyhenry Bay Strangford Lough

Date published: 06 December 2022

QUB Tidal Test Site – FlexMarine Demonstration. Flex Marine Power Swimmer TurbineTM demonstration testing at QUB Tidal Test Site in the Strangford Narrows.


Proposal Description

Reference: ML2021011
Project Type:  Construction
Location: Ballyhenry Bay Strangford Lough
Coordinates: Lat: 54° 22.847'N WGS 84; Long: 05° 33.352'W WGS 84
Project Description: The project aims to deploy a floating tidal turbine platform moored to the seabed in the QUB tidal test site which has been leased from the Crown Estate. The unique turbine system will experience close to it’s maximum rated velocity, fully testing the system in a relevant tidal environment.
Applicant: School of Natural and Built Environment
Status: Active
Date Issued: 21/03/2022
Licence Start Date: 21/03/2022
Licence End Date: 20/03/2025

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