Marine Licence ML2022019 - Kilkeel Inner Harbour

Date published: 11 October 2023

Disposal at Sea of Dredged Material from Kilkeel Inner Harbour

Reference: ML2023023

Project Type:  Construction

Location: Coordinates:

-  N 54º 01,5'     05º 55.5 W 

Project Description:

It is planned to carry out the maintenance dredging at Kilkeel Harbour in discrete dredging campaigns.  Weather permitting the target is to dump 2-3 loads per day at the designated disposal site which is coordinates: - 54º 01.5‘N        05º 55.5‘W

Disposal will be by opening the bottom doors of the hopper to allow the dredged sediment to be deposited on the seabed.

The average estimated sailing time from the dredge site to the sea disposal site is 0.5 hours.

Applicant: Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority

Status: Applied: 14/11/2022

Licence Start Date: 06/07/2023

Licence End Date: 10/05/2025

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