Marine Licence ML2022020 - Seaport Jetty, Portballintrae

Date published: 09 August 2023

Application for permission for seabed levelling adjacent to Seaport Jetty, Portballintrae.


Reference: ML2022020

Project Type: Seabed Levelling / management and beach / sea
defence replenishment adjacent to jetty

Location: Coordinates:

Latitude: 55º 13.1’ N
Longitude: 06º 33.0’ W

Project Description: Works: Localised removal of seabed material including sand, rocks and debris deposited onto the deck of Seaport Jetty and into the adjacent vessel berthing area of the jetty during storms
or annual weather events that would under typical tidal conditions represent an obstruction to vessel access and / or safety risk.
Rock elements will be returned to the existing revetment and natural stone breakwater, seabed material will be replaced to replenish naturally eroded areas of the site (seabed level maintenance area as shown on the drawing which accompanies this application) and any waste debris will be recovered.

Applicant: Mr R S Sweeney

Status: Active

Licence Start Date: 05/07/2023

Licence End Date: 04/07/2026

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