Mobuoy Remediation Project – Water Quality Environmental Monitoring Programme

Date published: 12 September 2023

Last updated: 27 March 2024

A comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Programme is in place at the Mobuoy Site.

The programme includes monitoring of on-site sources; pathways (groundwater and surface water) and monitoring of the River Faughan. Results are screened against Environmental Quality Standards and Drinking Water Standards and trends are examined.

The monitoring includes:

  1. Targeted chemical sampling of groundwater wells, leachate (in-waste) wells and surface waters based on the Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment for the site.
  2. Non-targeted organics screening of the River Faughan on a daily basis.
  3. Biological sampling to give an indication of the River Health in the medium term. 

The monitoring data is used by a dedicated project team to continually assess any changes in risk to the water quality in the River Faughan and the water quality at an NI Water abstraction point from the Mobuoy site.

Monitoring data is shared with NI Water on a daily basis.  NIEA and NI Water have procedures in place should a change in risk from the Mobuoy site be identified. NI Water can stop taking water from the Faughan until the quality of the water is of an acceptable standard.

Quarterly reports detailing a summary of the results from the previous quarter can be accessed below.

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