Northern Ireland climate change adaptation programme 2014-2019

Date published: 20 January 2017

The Northern Ireland Climate Change Adaptation Programme ("the Adaptation Programme") was published in January 2014.

It contains the Northern Ireland Executive’s response to the risks and opportunities identified in the Climate Change Risk Assessment ("CCRA") for Northern Ireland, which was published in January 2012, as part of the overall UK CCRA. 


The Adaptation Programme provides the strategic objectives in relation to adaptation to climate change, the proposals and policies by which each department will meet these objectives, and the timescales associated with the proposals and policies identified  in the period up to 2019.

The CCRA is a statutory requirement of the UK Climate Change Act 2008 , published every 5 years. For the current cycle of the CCRA, the Government asked the Adaptation Sub-Committee (of the Committee of Climate Change) to prepare an independent evidence report, which together with the Government's response, was laid in Parliament in January 2017. The CCRA sets out the latest understanding of key risks and opportunities to the UK from climate change.

DAERA is currently working on obtaining NI adaptation information and data that could be used, along with the findings of the CCRA NI Summary, in the development of the next Northern Ireland Adaptation Programme, which is due to be laid in the NI Assembly in 2019.

You can also view information regarding climate change in Northern Ireland at the following links:

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