Schedule for additional product information

Date published: 21 May 2019

Last updated: 20 November 2019

Instructions for the use of a schedule when submitting an Export Health Certificate (EHC) application.

You should only use a schedule to include details of the product if there is insufficient space on the EHC pdf application form at Section I entitled ‘Identification of Products’. You should not use a schedule where all the information can be entered on the EHC pdf application.

Please use the milk and milk products schedule for dairy exports, fish to China for fish exports to China (7649 EHC) and the generic template provided, for all other commodities.

When using the schedule please insert “see attached schedule” at the relevant part of the EHC application.  For example if you need to use a schedule to outline product details at the section entitled I(a) Description of Products you should record “see attached schedule” in that line and record the full product details in the schedule.

You should upload this schedule along with your EHC application.

The EHC serial reference will be added by DAERA staff when processing your application.

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