Rural Micro Capital Grant Scheme (RMCGS) claim guidance notes

The contents of this guidance note will help you with making a claim for payment of Grant Aid.

Your information

Please provide your details including e-mail address and full postal address, project reference number as detailed on your Letter of Offer and a phone number should we need to contact you. Please clearly state your organisation's VAT status. 

Details of expenditure incurred

Please provide details of the expenditure incurred as follows:

  • Claim Items: Add all items that your organisation has purchased,  add the quantity, date of invoice, date paid, supplier detials and any variance (e.g. if there is a change of cost from the original quote).
  • Submit claim items.
  • Claim Documents: Upload all Receipts/Invoices, Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement if applicapable.
  • Save and continue.
  • Complete all Survey sections.
  • Complete Claim Declariation.
  • Complete Organisaion's Bank Account Details: Name of Bank, Name on Account, Sort Code and Account Number.


  • Electronic copies are acceptable.
  • Must include your organisation’s title.
  • Must show the suppliers name and contact details.
  • Must show details of the goods or services charged including quantities, unit costs, delivery costs and any discount.
  • If received by e-mail please include a copy of the covering e-mail received with the invoice.

VAT registration

If you are registered for VAT, DAERA will reimburse your claim minus the VAT amount.

Proof of payment

  • Electronic copies of Bank / Building Society statements are acceptable. We can accept screenshots / photographs sent electronically.
  • Cash payments are not eligible.
  • If you have paid for items via a credit or debit card we will require proof (as outlined below) that the credit or debit card account has been reimbursed fully, to the value of the items purchased.
  • Where a personal credit/debit card is used to purchase goods, a credit/debit card statement should be provided and must include evidence of payment for the goods/items purchased. Electronic copies are acceptable. This should provide evidence of the payment from the organisation’s account back into the person(s) account.

End of project report form

The survery questions must be completed after you have supplied the claim details.

Important information - disallowance, reduction or recovery of grant

The grant which you have claimed may be disallowed, reduced or recovered if:

  • You have not returned a signed acceptance of the conditions in your Letter of Offer (Electronic / typed signatures are acceptable)
  • The work for which you are claiming was carried out before your Project Start Date.
  • You have failed to follow the terms and conditions in your Letter of Offer
  • You have claimed for items which do not relate to your original application and are not listed on the Letter of Offer Schedule of Eligible Expenditure
  • You have claimed for items/activities that are not eligible for project funding as outlined in the Guidance Notes for Applicants
  • The work being claimed has not been carried out to the correct standard
  • You have not sent the correct documents to support the claim
  • The grant you are claiming exceeds the expenditure limit in your Letter of Offer
  • You have not followed the procurement procedures
  • The item claimed is not in use or is not being used for the purpose intended in your grant application
  • The items which you are claiming have been applied for or claimed under other schemes or funding bodies
  • You did not declare a Conflict of Interest between your organisation and any other organisation, person or employee associated in any way with the delivery of the Project
  • You knowingly made a false or misleading statement or withheld essential information
  • You did not allow access to your building to authorised officers from the Department, our Agent(s), the Northern Ireland Audit Office or their agents / representatives to carry out inspections in accordance with condition 4.6 of your Letter of Offer

NB: Where an item has been under-claimed DAERA must process using the amounts recorded in the claim submitted.

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