NI sulphur hexafluoride (“SF6”) market scoping study compiled for DAERA by Aether

Date published: 08 April 2022

Fluorinated greenhouse gases (“F-gases”) have a very high Global Warming Potential (“GWP”) if emitted into the atmosphere. F-gases include sulphur hexafluoride (“SF6”).


SF6 is used in certain sectors of business in NI, including:

  • electrical switchgear,
  • an etching gas in the manufacture of electrical components,
  • electron microscopes, and
  • critical point apparatus (which is used to compress and liquefy a gas).

Laws are in place to ensure that emissions of SF6 from these types of equipment are minimised.

The Chemicals and Industrial Pollution Policy (CIPP) branch of DAERA is responsible for compiling and administering these laws, and was keen to learn the scale and extent to which these laws apply in NI.

The company Aether have therefore been supporting CIPP in undertaking an analysis of the markets of SF6 in NI.

The study was conducted by means of a scoping survey which was distributed amongst all identified organisations and businesses involved with SF6 in NI, followed by interviews with key stakeholders.

A summary of the scoping survey can be found in the attached document, including the main aims of the scoping survey.

Further details are available from the CIPP Branch of DAERA on request.

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