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Online maps

Online maps allow you to request, view, download and print your farm map from any computer with internet access.


Benchmarking shows the performance of your farm enterprise and compares it with averages from similar farm enterprises. It highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your farm business. Thus, areas for improvement can be flagged up and lessons can be learnt from other farmers. It will also help you to focus on the main factors affecting the profitability and cost control of your business.

Nutirent management calculators

Do you need help with the Nitrates Action Programme (NAP) measures on nutrient limits, manure storage requirements and record keeping?

There are now five Farm Nutrient Management Calculators which are easy to use, available 24 hours per day and are secure & confidential. The five calculators are:

  • Livestock Manure Nitrogen Loading calculator
  • N Max for grassland
  • Crop Nutrient Recommendation calculator
  • Phosphorus Balance calculator
  • Livestock Manure Storage calculator

To use these Farm Nutrient Management Calculators you need to be enrolled for DARD Online Services. 


PigPAC contains online decision tools to aid management decision making on pig units.

Payment summary

The DARD payment summary will give you a detailed report showing any payment received by the farm business from a payment scheme such as the Single Farm Payment. You can search for both current and historic information and the report will show you the scheme, date paid and amount paid. The report can be downloaded or printed if required.


BovIS (Bovine Information System) is an online tool for dairy and beef farmers consisting of the following applications: Or authorise an Agent to act on your behalf to access your data by completing the authorisation form.

Carcase benchmarking

The benchmarking application has been developed by AFBI to provide beef producers with a facility to view, analyse and rank the performance of slaughtered animals which have passed through Northern Ireland abattoirs.

Bovine Growth Rate calculator

The Growth Check Tool has been developed by AFBI to provide beef and dairy producers with a facility to quickly and easily evaluate the growth performance of cattle within their herd.

Business tools

There are a range of other business tools and calculators designed to help you manage your business more efficiently. Chooses the business tools options on the left hand menu within DARD Online Services and explore the range of tools available.

Nitrogen Loading Calculator (iPhone, Android)

This calculator is designed to help you manage your farm in relation to the nitrogen loading limit of the nitrates regulations. The nitrogen loading limit for most farms is 170 kg N/ha and this is in effect a stocking rate limit.
By entering the numbers of livestock you have and the land area that you farm you can check if you are below the 170kg N/ha/year limit or if operating under derogation below the 250kg N/ha/year limit.

The calculator is easy to use, available 24 hours per day, secure and confidential.

For further information on the applications available within DAERA Online Services you can contact your local DAERA Direct office:

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