EU review of fluorinated greenhouse gas ("F-gas") policy and legislation

Date published: 17 February 2022

The European Union ("EU") is currently carrying out a review of its laws on F-gases, and is considering new provisions which may have an effect on NI stakeholders.

A new EU law on F-gases may well be issued some time in 2022, and this would be directly applicable in NI.

The two documents accessible below show summaries of the EU proposals on F-gases. One document is a longer version and the other more concise.


A new NI law, detailing new provisions, with possible new offences and resulting penalties, would then be compiled for consideration in the NI Assembly.

The stakeholders which may be affected include:

  1. All businesses which use F-gases, including:
    • Refrigeration (stationary and mobile),
    • Air-conditioning (stationary and mobile),
    • Heat pumps,
    • Fire protection equipment,
    • Electrical switchgear,
    • Metered dose inhalers (MDIs) and
    • Aerosols.
  2. The enforcing authorities for NI F-gas provisions, i.e.
  3. The certification, evaluation and attestation bodies for individuals and for companies.
  4. The organisations involved with the process of importation and exportation of products into and out of NI.

If you need further information on the EU F-gas Review, feel free to visit the web-page on EU legislation to control F-gases (scrolldown to "Review of the EU F-gas Regulation") and/or Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases - review of EU rules.

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