The relevant provisions in the Fisheries Act (NI) 1966 relate to the requirement for a fish dealer to obtain an authorisation licence from DAERA and maintain a register for all fish acquired or disposed of for each place of sale.

Specifically, under sections 113 and 114 of the Fisheries Act (NI) 1966, DAERA require that anyone who has salmon, trout, eels, pike or pollen in their possession for sale to have a valid DAERA Fish Dealer’s Licence authorising them to sell such fish at that place or vehicle.  It is an offence to sell or have in their possession such fish without a valid licence. 

Unless disqualified from holding a DAERA Fish Dealer’s Licence, a person may apply to the Department for a licence in writing by post or by email. (See contact details below)  The current fee for a DAERA Fish Dealer’s Licence is £50.50.

If applying for a  DAERA Fish Dealer’s Licence for the first time,  you are required to provide a certificate signed by a Justice of the Peace indicating that you are a fit and proper person to receive a licence. This must be submitted to DAERA Inland Fisheries along with an upfront fee payment of £50.50 before your application can be processed. (A Justice of the Peace certification is not required for licence renewals).

Contact Details:-

Inland Fisheries
1 Mahon Road
BT62 3EE

During office hours Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm:
Phone: 028 3839 7217 or 028 3839 7215 or 028 3839 7227

Outside Northern Ireland and UK:
Phone: +44 28 3839 7216 or +44 28 3839 7215 or +44 28 3839 7227

When you are issued with your DAERA Fish Dealer’s Licence, you will be given a Unique Reference Number which you should keep safely, as you will need this to renew any future licences. The DAERA Fish Dealer's Licence is valid for the calendar year from date of issue.

Section 120 of the Act requires that every holder of a DAERA Fish Dealer’s Licence must keep a register of all salmon, trout, eels, pike or pollen acquired or disposed of for each place of sale.  The format of a fish dealer’s register is prescribed in the schedule to The Licence Holders (Fish Dealers Register) Byelaws (NI) 1992 SR No. 145.  The application form and format of the DAERA Fish Dealer’s Licence are not prescribed by legislation.

The provisions above are considered not to be discriminatory and proportionate.  To fulfil DAERA’s statutory obligations under the Fisheries Act (NI) 1966, for the conservation and protection of salmon and inland fisheries, these provisions are also considered necessary as a tool to monitor and regulate fishing activity.

For more information on Fisheries Act (NI) 1966 and other legislation, click here.

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