Dairy fertility

Infertility has been identified as the number one problem on dairy farms and is estimated to cost dairy farmers in Northern Ireland approximately £50 million per year. Improving fertility performance, by addressing management factors contributing to poor fertility, will decrease culling rates and reduce replacement costs.

Dairy fertility benchmarking online

Dairy Fertility Benchmarking Online is an online application that has been developed to allow farmers to benchmark their herd fertility performance from year to year and against herds of similar calving pattern. It should enable you to identify weaknesses in your herds's fertility performance and identify ways to improve it and assess how much extra profit you could make through improving your herd's fertility performance.

Impact of Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM) on dairy cows fertility 

CVM is a genetic condition in Holstein cattle that leads to embryonic loss and abortion. It is only a problem when two CVM carrier animals are mated and was first discovered in 2000 when the effects of a carrier sire, Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell, became apparent. At Greenmount, genetic testing of cows descended from CVM carrier bulls were tested for CVM and breeding records analysed. Sires are now selected that are tested free of CVM (*TV).

Dairy Herd Fertility Challenge

Challenges are a series of Business Growth Programmes designed to improve the profitability of your farm business. They are structured to help enhance your business performance within your own particular situation. Dairy Herd Fertility Challenge is a learning programme to help you improve the fertility in your own herd. If you would like to know more contact your local Dairy Development Adviser. To see what it consists of browse through the Dairy Herd Fertility Challenge Notes below.

Dairy Herd Fertility Challenge Notes

The dairy herd fertility challenge is comprised of eight modules.

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