Dairy business

Dairy farmers must combine a knowledge of milk production with excellent financial management in order to run a successful dairy farm.

Business tools

Each farm situation is different and thus the decision which helps one farmer to meet his business goals may be wrong for another farmer. This section concentrates on helping you to make good business decisions on your dairy unit. It should help you decide on how to make maximum profit from your farm (now and in the future) while fitting in with the objectives of you and your family.

The diversity of dairy farms requires business tools that are tailored to your needs. Whether you want to compare milk quota prices or plan the future direction of your business. 

Dairy benchmarking

Benchmarking is comparing your farm business performance to other similar types of farm. The most important element of benchmarking is to identify weaknesses and make the necessary improvements so that your farm profit is improved. You will need to register to use this tool, contact your adviser for more detils.

Business Challenge

The Greenmount Challenges are programmes for all farmers and growers interested in developing their management and enterprise husbandry skills. they have been designed by farmers and growers, for farmers and growers and developed by Greenmount Campus. Successful completion of a Challenge programme can led to the award of a professional qualification. The challenges are aimed at managers in all sectors, for example, dairy, beef and sheep, and crops and horticulture.

The Challenges are managed by your local Greenmount development Adviser and tailored to local needs.

  • delivery is by a range of methods:
  • group meetings with other farmers/growers in your area
  • one-to-one support from your Development Adviser
  • farm walks and visits
  • workshops with specialists
  • internet-based support

You will have the opportunity to see and discuss relevant technologies and practices being developed within your business sector. If you would like to find out more about any of the Challenge programmes currently available, you can contact your local Greenmount Development Adviser or the Development Team at Greenmount Campus.

Programmes available are:

  • grass Challenge for dairy farmers
  • grass Challenge for beef and sheep farmers
  • business Challenge for dairy farmers
  • business Challenge for mushroom growers
  • animal health Challenge for suckler beef farmers
  • mushroom Challenge
  • potato Challenge
  • Bramley Apple Challenge

Contact details

Challenge Development Team, Greenmount Campus, Antrim.

Email - challenge.greenmount@dardni.gov.uk

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