Development that may have an effect on the marine environment

Advice on development that may have an effect on the marine environment

Key considerations

You should consider the location, and the potential for disturbance to marine mammals due to noise and the possible environmental effects of the construction and/or the operation of the proposed activity on the surrounding ecology and hydrology of the marine environment . Where work is proposed within marine waters you should also consider the likely wider impacts on natural coastal processes outside of the site.

Should DAERA be consulted?

Development type

Does the proposal fall within one of the following development types?

  • development involving engineering works within marine waters e.g. marinas, jetties, quays, pontoons, aquaculture, pipelines, shoreline protection schemes
  • tidal energy schemes
  • dredging
  • development linked to the marine environment but located outside the marine buffer zone (see Location), for example, a seaweed washing plant located inland but linked to seaweed harvesting, or a sand washing facility linked to offshore aggregate extraction.


Does the development involve discharge direct to the marine environment via a sea outfall?

Does the development involve works to be conducted in or near marine waters and there is a potential risk that the development will involveconstruction or operation likely to affect the marine environment as a result of:

  • sediment release
  • discharge of effluent or spillages of oils/fuels/cement/chemicals or other pollutants
  • any temporary or permanent modification to the coastline
  • noise disturbance


Does the development fall partially or wholly within the marine buffer zone i.e.100m landward of the Mean High Water Spring Tide Mark out to 12 nautical miles (including estuaries, sea loughs and rivers that are under tidal influence)?

Further guidance

Data sources

DAERA Digital Datasets for the Marine Environment: 

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