Fishing licence points system for serious infringements of the enforcement programme

Where serious infringements have been committed, the relevant fisheries administration is obliged to apply points to the fishing licences related to relevant fishing boats registered in their jurisdiction, regardless of the location of the serious infringement.

Application of points

The relevant fisheries administration is obliged to act under Council Regulation (EC) No 1224/2009, where serious infringements have been committed.

The relevant fisheries administration is responsible for determining and applying the points in respect of serious infringements committed by or in relation to a relevant fishing boat arising as a result of a conviction and sentence in a criminal court in their jurisdiction. 

This also applies when it has been notified by another member state or third country of administrative action, criminal proceedings or other measures taken and of any definitive ruling relating to such infringements in respect of EU member states or information received in accordance with international law.


Guidance on the application of points for serious infringement has been produced. The guidance addresses:

  • the manner in which the points system will be applied
  • the number of points which will be applied for which offences
  • the timescale for which they will be attached to a licence
  • if points are accumulated, what effect this will have on a fishing licence

The guidance should be read alongside any policies issued by the relevant fisheries administrations on compliance and enforcement in relation to fisheries legislation.

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