Private Veterinary Practitioners

Private Veterinary Practitioners (PVPs) are contracted by the Department to carry out various duties related to animal health and testing.

Duties carried out

These include performing tuberculin testing and taking samples for the purpose of premovement Brucellosis testing. 

An extranet is available for the use of PVPs so they can manage this work and enter results onto the Department's computer system.

Webinars for Private Veterinary Practitioners

DARD Veterinary Service has produced a Webinar for Private Veterinary Practioners about TB Bioexclusion. This is available at the link below:

TB testing services

Contract for provision of Bovine TB testing, its associated services and bio-security advice on behalf of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Northern Ireland.

Bovine TB testing services - supplier open days

The Department provided information about a new contract for delivery of TB testing services in Northern Ireland from April 2016. That information is available below together with a number of questions which were asked by attendees at the supplier open days.

On farm health & safety

Safety on farm continues to be a key priority both for the Department and the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI).

Private veterinary practitioners are encouraged to play their part by working safely with animals and reporting health and safety issues they identify on farm, in relation to cattle testing, to the Divisional Veterinary Officer.

The documents below will assist vets in meeting their own health and safety responsibilities and improving awareness of on farm risks.

Further information is available from the HSENI Farm SAFE website.

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