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Date published: 01 April 2019

Last updated: 06 July 2021

This page contains information in relation to TB testing services.


Change Control

Change to the Contract Schedules is a requirement of good contract management. The Department is at liberty to make these changes without formal agreement provided there is no material change to the conditions or expected workload. In relation to the TB Testing Services contract the changes made so far have been made to clarify areas of uncertainty and to amend original standards for KPIs to make them more reasonable and realistic. To manage necessary change, a change control process is in place. The format of Change Control Notifications under the TB Contract is provided in Schedule 3.

Since the TB Contract began in April 2016, the Authority has issued 25 Change Control Notifications (CNN). These CNN are issued in full to each Senior Approved Veterinary Surgeon (SAVS) at the time of Change and are listed in the following table:

Notification Number


Date Issued


1 1 28/04/2016 New Day 4 TB test times email address
2 1 14/07/2016 Change of Authority name from DARD to DAERA
3 1 14/07/2016 Clarification of the assessment of KPI1, KPI5 and KPI7
4 1 14/07/2016 Introduction of the Telephony Line for ‘last minute’ changes to test start time or AVS
5 7 14/07/2016

Approval process changes VP4A and VP4B added as Appendix 7 to Schedule 7

6a 4 28/03/2017 KPI 7 review resulting in KPI7 becoming a Priority 1 KPI and resulting in a change to the tolerances over time and to the sanction level
7 1 13/04/2017

The allowance of 30 minutes for lateness.The use of the emergency phone number and the out of hours message service.The information required to make a change in test time or AVS

8 1 and 11 13/04/2017

Schedule 1: Allow for scenarios where it is not reasonable for a Contractor to be liable for delay in test submission due to herd keeper purchasing or selling animals close to the commencement of a test. Schedule 11: Actions required by the AVS to ensure that test report submission is not delayed are specified

9 4 13/04/2017 Issue of Advance Notification Letters
10 7 and 11 13/04/2017

Schedule 7: Acceptable clothing at TB tests and, Schedule 11: Requirement for disinfectant to be in original container

11 11 13/04/2017 Executive summary for schedule 11
12 7 13/04/2017

Maintaining AVS status (Revalidation). Supervision of AVS who may test infrequently. Processes for integrating veterinarians with a current UK OV status (Modulation).

13 4 18/07/2017 Change to the deduction in fees as a result of changes to test notification discovered at field audit (KPI 1)
14 8 27/10/2017 Change to Section 9 of Schedule 8. Schedule 8 is the Data Sharing Agreement and Section 9 deals with data/information security. Amendment of Schedule 8 provides more detail on data security in relation to mobile devices.
15 11 12/3/2018 Change to appendices 1 and 2 of Schedule 11 as a result of changes to Severe Interpretation rules
16 4 01/04/2018 Change to target for KPI 2. No change in Year 3 to targets for KPIs 1, 3 and 4. Change to period allowed for resubmission of tests (KPI 7).
17 4 01/04/2018

Change to weighting for late notification of No Stock tests

18 4 01/04/2019 Change to reporting of KPI 1 and changes to thresholds for KPIs 2 and 4
19 4 01/06/2020 Information about the TB Testing Compliance Inspection AVS selection process
20 11 15/06/2020 Movement out of the herd of animals during a test – responsibility for notifying DAERA
21 11 21/12/2020 Clarification on when to use severe interpretation and how to handle severe inconclusive readings
22 4 01/03/2021 The start of DNA tagging of reactors by AVSs
23 7 and 11 12/04/2021 Changes to accommodate the introduction of DNA tagging
24 1 12/05/2021 Transfer of testing to newly nominated Contractor
25 4 12/07/2021 Detailed specification of KPI 6

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