Consultation opened on 04 March 2022. Closing date 03 April 2022.


Environment Impact Assessments on Forest Expansion Scheme, Small Woodland Grant Scheme and deforestation projects.

Forest Service, an Agency of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs has provided opinions on the following projects in respect of the Environmental Impact Assessment (Forestry) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006 (as amended).

Consultation description

An opinion under the Regulations is formed taking account of the selection criteria specified in the legislation. An opinion may be ‘relevant’ if it is considered that a project is likely to have a significant effect on the environment and an environmental statement is required to fulfil consent requirements. Alternatively an opinion may be ‘not relevant’ if a project is considered unlikely to have a significant effect on the environment and important habitats and species and features of cultural interest are considered to be unaffected by the proposal.  Each project is required to comply with the UK Forestry Standard, which describes the governments’ approach to sustainable forestry.

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