Discussion Document on a Climate Change Bill

Consultation opened on 08 December 2020. Closing date 01 February 2021.


The Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs (DAERA) is seeking views on policy options for a Climate Change Bill for Northern Ireland.


Consultation description

The Discussion Document has been produced in both full-length and 'Easy Read' versions. Both versions are available above.

The 'Easy Read' version contains much less detail. It has been produced to help and encourage responses from younger citizens, and those with reading difficulties.  

It is important to note that these documents are for discussion only, they do not introduce any new policies at this stage.  

How to Respond

Please provide your responses to the survey online if you can.

We would also encourage responses to be kept concise if possible. We ask this because we expect to receive many responses, and this will help us to process them all in a timely manner.

We are using NIDirect's Citizen Space as our primary response route for collating responses from all stakeholders who have an interest in this area.

If you are not able to provide your responses online, there are instructions for other response methods in the documents above.

Consultation description

The full-length Discussion Document sets the detailed context for the discussion, by providing: 

  • overview of Climate Change’s priority status within public and political agendas on a national and international level, including key advancements made in a political and legal context in tackling climate change;
  • the current legal and policy framework for tackling Climate Change in Northern Ireland;
  • Northern Ireland’s current greenhouse gas emissions status, sequestration status of greenhouse gases and greenhouse gas projections for the future;
  • the latest rationale, options appraisal and policy proposals for a Northern Ireland Climate Change Bill (legislation / law): and
  • A list of the Questions in this Consultation, for your reference only.

It is important to note that this document is for discussion only, it does not introduce any new policies at this stage.  We welcome responses from all sectors, age-groups, organisations and individuals.

When responding to this Consultation you may also wish to consider:

  • A letter which was issued by the Chair of the UK Climate Change Committee Lord Deben, to Minister Poots, on 8th December 2020, including an Annex – ‘Why the Sixth Carbon Budget is right for Northern Ireland’

Letter from UK Climate Change Committee to Minister Poots


  • A Report, which includes climate change advice for Northern Ireland,  which was published on the 9th December 2020 by the UK Climate Change Committee – ‘The Sixth Carbon Budget’.

UK Climate Change Committee – ‘The Sixth Carbon Budget


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