Consultation on the Interim Report of the TB Strategic Partnership Group

Consultation opened on 30 July 2015. Closing date 04 September 2015.


The TB Strategic Partnership Group (TBSPG) is an independent high level advisory group which has been tasked by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development with developing a strategy and implementation action plan to effect a progressive and sustained reduction of TB in the cattle population here, with a view to eventual eradication. The Group is chaired by Mr Sean Hogan and is made up of five independent industry and stakeholder representatives plus two DARD ex-officio members.


Consultation description

Minister O'Neill has stated that the strategy and implementation action plan produced by the TBSPG should be all embracing and address all relevant issues. It should also re-energise relationships with all industry stakeholders.
Its Interim Report represents the result of the TBSPG’s initial consultation in late 2014 - early 2015 and subsequent evidence gathering. It has been informed by meetings with industry stakeholders, representative organisations and veterinary and scientific experts.
The TBSPG has over the summer months sought views on its Interim Report as to the most efficient and pragmatic actions required to achieve the greatest reduction in the level and cost of bovine TB in the shortest possible time.
The consultation ended on Friday 4 September 2015. The TBSPG will now consider all the submissions as it works to finalise its considerations and produce its strategy.

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