Consultation on proposal for changes to DAERA’s Area-based Schemes Review of Decisions process

Consultation opened on 09 June 2017. Closing date 04 August 2017.


The Department is seeking views on proposals for the Area Based Schemes Review of Decisions Procedure. In particular, the Department is considering changing the Review of Decisions process to ensure it better meets the needs of applicants and brings about a timely outcome on the Decision they have asked the Department to review.


Consultation description

The Department currently operates a two stage process.  Stage One is an internal review, which can be followed by a Stage Two review if the applicant remains dissatisfied with the outcome of Stage One.  The current Stage Two review includes a hearing by an external panel which makes a recommendation to the Head of Paying Agency.  This is already a lengthy process, with an increasing backlog of cases since the introduction of new CAP Reform schemes, which has added to the uncertainty experienced by applicants. 

The consultation document sets out the Department’s thoughts on proposals to change the Review of Decisions process, to be implemented for the 2017 campaign and beyond, and asks consultees to respond with their views on: -

The proposed process

  • Timing
  • Cost, and
  • Process Monitoring Checks by management.


Public consultation meetings will be held at: -

CAFRE, Loughry College, Conference Hall (Admin. Building) at 2pm on Tue. 20th June

The Sandel Centre, 6 Knocklynn Rd, Coleraine BT52 1WT, at 7pm on Wed. 21st June

CAFRE, Greenmount Campus, Conference Hall at 2pm on Fri. 7th July


Comments on the proposals should be emailed to using the reply form above or posted to Paul Brunton, Review of Decisions, Room 423, Dundonald House, Stormont BT4 3SB


This document may be available in alternative formats. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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