UK Emissions Trading Scheme: proposed amendments

Consultation opened on 28 July 2021. Closing date 07 September 2021.


Proposed amendments to support effective operation of the UK Emission Trading Scheme (UK ETS) by addressing a number of residual technical issues identified during the development and legislation of the scheme.


Consultation description

This consultation sets out the UK government and devolved administration proposed technical amendments to the UK ETS legislation, which is accompanied by 2 draft Statutory Instruments.

This consultation is of particular interest to:

  • individual companies
  • representatives of industrial, power and aviation sectors with obligations under the UK ETS
  • environmental groups

This consultation is not limited to these stakeholders. Any organisation or individual is welcome to respond.

Deadline for responses

The closing date for responses is 7 September 2021 at 11:45pm. Please ensure your response is submitted by that date.

Confidentiality of Consultation Responses

See the BEIS consultation privacy notice.

The Government response to this consultation, issued on 14 December 2021, can be found here.

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